What is Feeltr's scale of protection ? 🔒

Feeltr offers comprehensive defense against threats. Discover the robust filtering capabilities and independence that set Feeltr apart from the competition. Comprehensive Filtering for DNS Traffic and Applications: Feeltr's secure DNS solution filters all DNS traffic of your devices and applications, ensuring maximum protection. Stay safe from cyber threats and malicious websites, even when running applications in the background. Taking a Stand Against Ad Abuse, Including YouTube Feeltr combats ad abuse by blocking banner ads on YouTube. However, embedded video ads remain a challenge due to their integration within the video stream itself. Seamless Automated Blocks Driven by AI Feeltr's AI algorithms automatically identify and neutralize potential threats, providing uninterrupted browsing without intrusive ads or harmful content. However, while Feeltr manages blocks automatically, users have the flexibility to temporarily disable it for specific site access, maintaining overall

What is the performance of the Feeltr secure DNS compared to Google DNS? 🌐

When it comes to performance, Feeltr's secure DNS stands head and shoulders above other solutions 🎢 Feeltr's secure DNS has garnered praise for its exceptional performance, as evidenced by its impressive average response time of just 18.95 milliseconds (ms). This means that when you enter a website address into your browser, Feeltr's DNS servers swiftly resolve the corresponding IP address, allowing webpages to load seamlessly. Comparing with Google DNS In contrast, Google DNS, while widely known and used, has an average response time of 34.70 ms. This significant performance gap makes Feeltr's secure DNS solution the go-to choice for users who prioritize speed and efficiency. With Feeltr, you can experience a noticeable improvement in website loading times, resulting in a smoother and more enjoyable browsing experience ⌛

Could Feeltr make a mistake and block access to a website ? ⛔

Of course because Feeltr, just like all security systems on the market, can generate what are called "false positives", i.e. label a content source as a potential threat, when it is not. If this happens: don't panic! All you have to do, just as you may do sometimes with an antivirus, is disable Feeltr via a simple click in the application, then re-enable it once you're done visiting that site, unfairly accused of being a risk source. Beware that Feeltr's lists of potential threats are updated daily  A website that is mistakenly seen as a threat today may not be the next day. We have two main categories of lists: whitelists and blacklists 📃✅ At the moment it is not possible for users to create, add and remove items from these lists manually , this functionality is only available for Feeltr PRO .

How can we know that Feeltr has not saved user history?

When it comes to protecting your personal data, we are the first to act. The confidentiality of your data is guaranteed by 5 pillars... 👐 The principle of trust  The fact that the interest of solution providers is not to spy on you. 🧬 The DNA of the project  We aim to protect data, physical integrity of equipment, privacy, brain, emotions and the environment. Violating this DNA would mean the death of feeltr, which we obviously do not want.  🔒 The native functioning of a DNS You already use a DNS on a daily basis, because it is essential to the functioning of the Internet. This DNS works on standard protocols, which do not allow the theft of your data. The same goes for Feeltr. 📄  The contract A Feeltr subscription contract is a contract that contains legal commitments regarding data protection and privacy. This contract can be amended if you deem it necessary.  🔍 The ability to audit Feeltr's client code We are more than willing to give you access to our source code u

Adware, ransomware, malware, minerware - What is it exactly?

Terms that are indeed not always clear but very relevant in the field of cybersecurity 🌐 All of these terms refer to families of threats, which in common parlance you would call " computer viruses ". 👉 An ADWARE is a computer program that displays advertisements on the interface of a software program or via the Internet browser in the form of pop-up windows that chronically pop up, which is totally unpleasant and unnecessary. 👉 A RANSOMWARE is a malicious computer software, taking data hostage or rather the owner of this data. To do this, it encrypts and blocks the files on your computer and demands a ransom in exchange for a key to decrypt them. Ransomware is the nightmare of businesses. 👉 A MALWARE is a type of malicious, aggressive virus whose purpose is to damage or disable computers, computer systems, tablets or mobile devices. 👉 A MINERWARE is code that performs advanced calculations without your knowledge, on your devices, in order to generate Bitcoin-like

What applications and operating systems does Feeltr support ? 🚦

🟢 Operating systems, Apps, webmail clients... Feeltr is compatible Feeltr is available for Windows, Mac OS, IOS and Android. A Linux version will be available soon.  The solution works upstream, directly by filtering your requests to the Internet. This means that Feeltr is  "compatible" with all web browsers, all email and webmail clients, as well as office suites (infected documents that may contain threats), acting as the perfect  complement to your antivirus.  🟡  Feeltr replaces my antivirus Not at all. Feeltr is a complementary solution that on the one hand will block intrusive advertisements and on the other hand will block malicious codes that try to insert viruses on your devices and/or will block viruses that try to communicate with the outside world. Feeltr is therefore a complementary tool to a classic antivirus, but by no means a replacement solution. Feeltr works on what passes through your Internet connection, while an antivirus works to detect threats on your

Some examples of Feeltr use

Adware, malware, ransomware, phishing, ad abuse ... the web is not like it used to be.  Here are some common cases where using Feeltr is a great way to protect yourself from cyber-risk 🚧 📌 Case 1  A malicious person advises you to visit a web page. You innocently trust this person and go to the web page, but without realizing it you get a virus on your device. You can feel that something is wrong, your computer is slow, it doesn't work properly anymore, you get a lot of strange pop-ups. Nothing is right. With Feeltr this would never have happened because access to this dangerous page would have been blocked from the start.  📌 Case 2  You have received a word document by email, you are not aware of it but it contains malicious code that will call a website containing a virus as soon as it is opened. In this case Feeltr would have blocked the download of this document from the start.  📌 Case 3  Your favourite news website has been overloaded with ads, banners, pop-ups... It's